ERP Launch - Addressing some rumors and conflicts.

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I am happy to announce that Equinox has officially entered public BETA phase! Most of the features you see in-game are what the final product will look like. We are very excited about what's to come and we hope you are too! That being said, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please let us know! We're constantly making adjustments to the forums and server to meet the (((reasonable))) needs of our players, and we can only do that if you voice said needs.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to address a few rumors and conflicts we've been dealing with, namely conflicts with another community; "Presidential Roleplay". Some of you probably know Equinox was founded by former high ranking directors from Presidential. I will not go into too much detail about the split in of itself, but I will say that it wasn't exactly peaceful. Because of this, we are cutting contact with Presidential Roleplay entirely. What this means is, we are from this point on not acknowledging Presidential as an opposition community. Our players and staff are free to play on their server as they wish, but the ERP Administration will not allow discussion of their server or community matters on any of our communication platforms (Discord, Forums, Server, etc) so that we may keep things as peaceful as possible. Discussion of the matter will be treated as a Severity 1 offense (the most minor of offenses) and will be handled accordingly. 

Our aim with this is to minimize, if not negate the drama between ERP and PRP. While we disagree with the actions of many of their administrators and community members, we respect their right to run their server as they wish. Thank you all for respecting this guideline on the topic.

And finally, we're searching for Trainees!!!
The Trainee Program is a 2-week application-based program during which members of our community are given the opportunity to apply to become staff. Accepted applicants are given the Trainee rank for 2 weeks, during which they will train and ultimately prove themselves worthy of the Moderatorship on our team. 

Please visit this link if you are interested:

Thank you!

Equinox - Lead Administrator

Welcome to Equinox!

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Hello and welcome! 

The website is still in heavy beta phase, so please be patient as we continue setting things up. Feel free to register and post. :)